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Centrally Located.

Located at a prime place in c-scheme, Jaipur. Rajasthan

Complete Fitness Hub

It is a club founded which caters to all the varied needs and requirements of fitness enthusiasts. That's why today x core fitness is well known names in fitness helping people lead a fitter, happier life.

Professional Coach

We are dedicated to not only help you achieve the ideal body you have always dreamed of, but we also set new benchmarks of fitness and health by helping up with all the international fads.

Gym Gallery

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X-CORE offers group exercises done by a group & guided by personal trainer.

Dumbbell Gym

Dumbbells exercises are the most important exercises for the weight training exercises to burn fat.

Lifting Weight

Lifting Weight helps you to burn the calories quickly enough to be in the best shape for a longer period .


Stretching is the type of exercise that is performed in order to raise the compatibility of your body.

Cardio Blast

Cardio Blast is a equipment free high burn orientation program of cardio exercises.


Pulling helps you to develop strength and tones your muscle.


Zumba is exercise fitness program with burn a ton of callories without realising it.

Upper Chest

This exercise enhances your strength and helps you to be in a good shape.

Steam Bath

we have a steam room. This gives relaxation and purposed benefits to health and well being. Steam rooms heat the body using moist, humid air. The steam room makes you sweat, which can help unclog your pores and give your skin a flushed, glowy look, due to the increase in blood flow that caused heat.

Weekend Activities

At Xcore we also provides weekend activities for the members to brighten up your weekend and an amazing way to stay healthy. We offer a variety of weekend activities like Cycling, Running, Swimming, Horse riding and may more to help you get in shape with usual workout.

Personal Trainer

Well-qualified trainers are always on the floor to help and guide the member's beginners and otherwise, the personal training facility is also available on request. Your personal trainer helps you not only in exercising better but he/ she also promotes you to make healthy living a choice.

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Affordable price


Achieving your fitness goals in short span


Improved heart health


Learning latest forms of exercise

Our Trainers

He has extensive knowledge Of Kick Boxing Wushu And Chinese Kick Boxing. He Has Substantial Experience Of Teaching Kick Boxing For 2-3Years .He Has The Ability To Lead A Kick Boxing Class And Is Familiar With Warm Up ,Cool Down And Aerobic As Well As Anaerobic Exercises . He Is A Goal- Oriented Personal Trainer Who Can Design A Well Rounded Exercise regime.


He Is An Active And Professional Trainer With Wide ranging Experience Of 2 Years.. Also He Can make You Inclined To Exercise With His Good Interpersonal Skills And Knowledge.


He Is A Young Trainer With Good Knowledge Of Kick Boxing And Outdoor Games. He Also Leads Clients In Various Forms Of Functional Training.


News & Events


Grand reopening celebration in a brand new expanded indoor gym at City Mall.


Sometimes some outdoor sessions like Boot Camp are done in order to workout in the fresh air.


Festivals are also celebrated with the selfies and members to create a friendly environment.

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